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Every employer must do this to comply with COIDA! If you don't, and you could face criminal charges

by , 29 December 2014
The Compensation for Occupational Injury or Disease Act (COIDA) entitles employees to compensation if they have a work-related injury or disease.

But COIDA has clear rules for employers too. You have to comply with these rules or you'll be guilty of a criminal offence.

There's one particular rule you have to follow. Read on to discover what it is...

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If you're an employer, you must follow this rule to comply with COIDA

If you're an employer, you must register with COID, if you employ one or more person, for your business, farming activities, organisation, association or Trust.
But, remember, this currently doesn't apply to a private person who employs a domestic worker. But the Minister of Labour is still looking at changing this. 
You have to register with COID so it can:
- Recognise your employee's right to compensation;
- Assess your employee's earnings, risk level and the compensation he may need; and
- Correctly work out the COID assessment tariff you must pay every year. 
Because COID works like a national workers' insurance, these tariffs are basically your insurance premium as an employer. 
If you don't register with COID, it can't do any of this and your employee won't be able to get compensation. That's why you'll face criminal charges if you don't follow this rule. 
The good news is it's easy to register with COID. This is all you have to do…
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Do you have more than 20 employees?

Don't ignore this health and safety obligation or else!
The DoL will slap you with a R50 000 fine or 1 year in jail if you don't have a health and safety representative. 
Follow this step to register with COID
To register with COID, simply fill in a W.As.2 and send it off to COID. It's really that easy. Here's some of the important information you need when you complete this form:
- The date when you employed your first employee (you have to register within seven days of this date);
- The physical address of your business;
- The names and ID numbers of all the owners, partners, and trustees.  Attach a full list of all the names if you need to;
- Attach copies of all the IDs for all these people;
- A full description of the kinds of activities your company does. This must include a description of the types of goods or services you offer;
- If you use materials, give a full description of all the materials;
- If you're in construction, describe the nature, extent and type of construction; and
- If you're in farming, mark the type with an X.
This is just some of the information you have to complete of the W.As.2. Take your time when you fill it in and make sure all the information is correct because it will affect your tariffs later. 
You can download the W.As.2 from the Department of Labour's website (http://www.labour.gov.za).
This is just one thing you have to do to comply with COIDA. To find out the rest, check out the COID Compliance Guide.

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Every employer must do this to comply with COIDA! If you don't, and you could face criminal charges
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