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Five reasons your employees are too scared to report accidents

by , 11 July 2014
The OHS Act is very clear about what you must do if accidents happen in your workplace. You must report them, investigate them and then, if your employee suffered a serious injury, place a claim with COID.

This isn't tricky, but it becomes difficult to follow if your employees don't report the accidents to you in the first place.

It's a difficult hurdle to overcome, but if you know the reason for it, you can deal with it...

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This is the #1 reason your employees might be too scared to report accidents

Do you remember when you were little and you saw one child push another, so you told your teacher and all the other children called you a 'tattle-tail'?
Sadly this mentality doesn't go away as we go from being children to adults.
If your employee comes and tells you he saw an accident at work, he could get the reputation of the company snitch.
Because no one likes a snitch he'll be ostracised by your other employees. They may even become violent towards him.
This is just one reason why your employees might be scared to report workplace accidents. Let's look at the other four.

Four more reasons why your employees don't report workplace accidents

Your employee might be too scared to report accidents because he thinks:
1. He'll get into trouble;
2. You'll make him pay for the damages if your accident investigation shows he was responsible;
3. He might go to jail if you find out the accident was his fault; and
4. You might fire him.
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Stop wasting time not knowing what to train your employees on.
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Five reasons your employees are too scared to report accidents
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