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Five steps that'll get you through the COID claim process headache free

by , 21 August 2014
It's bad enough that your employee just had an accident and can't work for the rest of the month. Now, you also have to deal with COID claims so your employee can get workers' compensation.

This process is a headache for most employers, but we're going to change that today.

All you need to relieve your COID related migraine is to understand the process better. So read on to discover the five simple steps you must follow to get through the COID claim process, headache free...


Ditch your COID related headache by following these five steps

Step #1: Report the accident
You must report any accident that results in an employee having injury or illness within seven days using the W.CL.1 (diseases) or W.CL.2 (injury) form. These must be an injury on duty, which means your employee must have been acting in terms of his employment.
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Step #2: Include your employee's medical certificate
After your employee's accident, he should go straight to the doctor. There he must get a medical certificate or report from the doctor and you must submit this with your accident report (if you have it by that time) using the W.CL. 4.
Step #3: Wait for the Compensation commissioner's response
The Compensation commissioner will first send you a W.CL.55 to show he received your claim and give you a reference number. Then he'll send you a W.CL.56 to state whether or not the compensation fund will pay the claim.
Step #4: Report when your employee returns to work
You must let COID know your employee returned to work with a Resumption Report (W.CL.6).
Step #5: If your employee still has pain from the injury, reopen the claim
If your employee still has pain or difficulty from his injury/illness and he either needs more time off or further treatment, you can reopen your COID claim and get more compensation for him. To do this, submit a W.CL.5 from his doctor. This is a Progress Report and Final Medical Report and shows if your employee needs more attention and, therefore, more compensation.
There you have it. If you follow these five steps all your COID related headaches will disappear. 

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Five steps that'll get you through the COID claim process headache free
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