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Four things you need to do when filling out an accident report for COID

by , 08 February 2013
When it comes to reporting your incidents to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Commissioner and submitting your claim forms, timing is everything!

As the employer, you need to ensure you've submitted the W.Cl 2 - Notice of Accident and Claim form to the Commission within seven days of the incident.

Here's what you need to do to get it to the Compensation Commission in time...

Accidents happen in the workplace and that's why you pay your company pays a COID fee for every person you employ. 
Most of us never give COID another thought until something happens and we need to submit a claim form to the Compensation Commission. 
But what do you do? 
Where do you start?
Here are the answers. 
Here's what you need to know if you've never filed a COID accident report before…
The official form you need to complete is the W.Cl 2 - Notice of Accident and Claim for Compensation form, it's available from the Department of Labour here. It's your duty as the employer to fill it in and submit it with seven days from the accident. 
Here's what you need to do:
1. Complete 'Part A' page 1 of the W.Cl2form by giving the full details of the workplace accident. 
2. Give 'Part B' (an automatic copy of the W.Cl2report) to your employee and get him to hand it in to his doctor, the hospital or his medical practitioner (e.g. chiropractor). 
'In serious cases, 'Part B' must be handed to the emergency services personnel who have responded to the emergency,' says TinusBoshoff on The South African Labour Guide.
Remember that the 'employee making the claim must submit to a medical examination at a reasonable time and place nominated by the commissioner or mutual association concerned, or by arrangement if the employee cannot go to the office of the nominated medical practitioner,' continues Boshoff. 
Your employee's medical practitioner will have to complete a W.Cl 4 form (also available on the Department of Labour's website). This report states the seriousness of the injury was and how long the employee is likely to be off work. The medical practitioner will send this to you, the employer, to send to the Commissioner.
3. Next, fill in 'Part A', page 2 of the form by providing the full details.
4. Once the form has been completed send it, together with a certified copy of the employees ID and the first medical report (W.Cl 4) to the Compensation Commissioner. 
5. When the employee resumes work, you need to complete a Resumption Report (W.Cl 6) (available here) and send this to the Commissioner. Only once every one of these forms has been sent, will the Compensation Commissioner make the payments (if it deems this necessary) and close the case.
How to know if the Compensation Commission received your company's accident report
'We all know how frustrating and challenging government departments can be. You're expected to send them your legal documents on time but then you never hear back from them.You start to doubt whether you've sent it to the right addresses or if it's somehow been lost in the post,' says Narothan. 
After registering your claim, the Compensation Commissioners office will send you a postcard (W.Cl.55) with your claim number (reference number) states Boshoff.
If you don't receive a postcard with this information, follow up with the COID Commission 14 days after you send in the W.Cl2 form to obtain your claim number.
Keep these documents safe and follow these steps to the letter next time you have an accident in the workplace and you won't get in trouble with the Department of Labour for not following the correct accident report procedure. 
Turn to your Health and Safety Advisor to find out about the 4 situations in which compensation won't be awarded.

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