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Here are the four documents your employee will need to claim from COID

by , 31 July 2014
The Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) allows your employees to apply for compensation if they have an injury on duty.

If you've registered your company with COID and you submit your statement of earnings and pay the tariff, this won't be a problem.

But to ensure your employee doesn't run into any hassles during this COID claim process, make sure he has these four documents...

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Your employee needs these four documents to proceed with his COID claim

When your employee wants to claim from the compensation fund he has to send certain information to the Compensation Commissioner. The Commissioner will assess your employees claim based on this information. 
To ensure the Commissioner approves and processes your employee's claim quickly, ensure he has these four documents:
1. The original accident report
This will be the formal accident report from your company. You, as the employer, and your health and safety representative must sign this accident report.
2. His completed compensation from COID form (W.CL.3)
You or your employee must complete this form. He must include his details and the accident details in this form.
3. His doctor's certificate
Your employee must see his doctor if he has an accident that causes a disease or injury on duty. He must keep a copy of the doctor's certificate to submit with his COID claim.
4. Your final investigation report
After any workplace accident, you must do a full investigation with your incident investigation team. You'll then draw up an investigation report with the details and finding of your investigation.
Your employee must submit this with his claim to prove the cause and effects of the accident.
If your employee has all of these documents, the Compensation Commissioner can process his claim much faster.
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Here are the four documents your employee will need to claim from COID
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