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Here's how to breeze through the COID claim process in just six steps

by , 31 July 2014
Claiming compensation from COID can be a nightmare. There are so many COID forms you have to complete. It's easy to get the process wrong and that means your employee could land up without any compensation.

This won't happen though if you get to know the process. Now I'm not suggesting you get your employees to have more accidents so you can practice claiming.

I simply mean you should get to know the process by reading on and discovering which forms you fill in and when...

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When it comes to claiming from COID, remember these six steps

Step #1: Report the accident
When an accident happens you must report it to COID if it causes an injury or a disease. To report the accident you must fill in a W.CL.1 for an occupational disease and a W.CL.2 for an occupation injury.
Step #2: Get your claim references number
Once the Compensation Commissioner gets your claim you will get a references number back on a W.CL.55 form. The W.CL.55 just means the compensation fund received your report. You'll get a W.CL.56 from the Commissioner if he approves your claim.
Step #3: Ask your employee's doctor to submit a Progress Medical Report
If your employee's injury causes prolonged problems, his doctor must send in a Progress Medical Report (W.CL.5). He must do this every month until your employee's condition improves.
Step #4: Ask your employee's doctor to submit a Final Medical Report 
When the doctor handling the case is satisfied with your employee's condition he must send in a Final Medical Report (also a W.CL.5).
Step #5: When your employee comes back to work you must complete and submit a Resumption Report (W.CL.6).
Step #6: You and your employee must keep copies of all of these documents.
As you can see, the process is actually quite simple when you get to know it, so follow it step-by-step and you won't have any problems claiming workers' compensation for your employee.
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Here's how to breeze through the COID claim process in just six steps
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