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Here's how to put together a team to help you investigate workplace accidents

by , 03 July 2014
The unthinkable has happened. There's been a major accident in your workplace. Part of the support structure collapsed and fell on three of your employees.

You rush into action and try to help your hurt employees.

But once the first aiders have done their thing and your employees have gone to the hospital, you must do an incident investigation.

And to do this, you need to put together an investigation team...

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Why do you need an investigation team?

Your investigation team is there to help you whenever there's an incident in your workplace. 
You know that saying 'two heads are better than one'? Well, that saying applies to your investigation team. Each person on this team must have the skills and knowledge to investigate an accident. 
The OHS Act legally requires that at least three people are involved in an investigation. This because it stops biased views or lying.
So when you choose these three people, who should they be?

Here's who the three people for your investigation team must be

When you put together an investigation team, the people in it must be:
1. Any person you appointed into a health and safety position. There are 33 different health and safety positions you may have made;
2. A health and safety representative. Even if you have more than one HSE Rep, you only need one of them in your investigation team; and
3. A member of your Health and Safety Committee
You must give these three people proper OHS training to investigate incidents at work. You can do this training in-house or with an external training provider. 
With the help of these three people, you'll be able to investigate any workplace accidents effectively. 
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Here's how to put together a team to help you investigate workplace accidents
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