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Here's what the Compensation Commissioner wants to see when you make a claim

by , 01 September 2014
When your employee has an injury on duty, you must help him claim from COID. But in order for the Compensation Commissioner to approve the claim, he needs to see certain documents.

These will help him make a decision about whether or not your employee is entitled to that workers' compensation or not.

Here's what you must send him so he can make his decision...


Send these two documents to the Compensation Commissioner right away

The first thing you must send the Commissioner is an accident report. This will give details of who suffered the injury, what happened, how it happened, and where and when it happened.
This report will show if your employee caused the accident or not. If he did, the compensation fund won't pay out.
Next, the Commissioner wants to see your employee's doctor's report. This will show the Commissioner the extent of your employee's injuries and how much compensation he'll need.
You can send in another doctor's report later on if your employee's injuries continue to affect him.
But then you must send him something else when you employee's all better.
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Send the Compensation Commissioner this when your employee goes back to work

When your employee comes back to work you must send to Commissioner a Resumption Report. This helps the Commissioner ensure the fund doesn't continue to pay compensation to employees who don't need it.
Remember that each of these documents you send in must go with the correct COID form. There are seven different forms so ensure you send in the right one with the right documents.
You must also ensure you keep copies of all of these documents so you can keep track of the whole process.

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Here's what the Compensation Commissioner wants to see when you make a claim
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