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Here's when your employee's accident compensation will fall on your shoulders

by , 30 July 2014
You have to deal with a lot of expenses as a business owner. You need to pay salaries, maintenance costs, purchase orders and so much more.

What if, on top of all of those expenses you had to pay one of your employees even more? I'm not talking about a mid-year bonus. I'm talking about compensation for an accident.

Now it's normally COID's job to give employee compensation, but in this situation that responsibility falls on your shoulders...

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Here's when the responsibility to pay out compensation goes from COID to you

The Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) enables your employees to get compensation. This money comes from the compensation fund.
But if you haven't done your COID registration this responsibility falls on your shoulders. You see, the COID Act says you must register with COID so the compensation fund can pay your employees their compensation. But if you haven't registered, you can't claim.
But the Act says your employee still has the right to get compensation. This means you're the one that must pay it.
You can avoid all of this though, just by registering.

Here's how to register for COID

To register you must get a W.As.2 COID form. You can get this form from a compensation fund office, a Department of Labour office or online at http://www.labour.gov.za
You then just need to complete the form and submit it by faxing, posting or email it to the Compensation Commissioner. 
Now you must just remember to submit your statement of earnings and pay your COID assessment tariff each year.
If you do that, the COID will take care of your employee's compensation if he has an accident and the cost will never fall on you.

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Here's when your employee's accident compensation will fall on your shoulders
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