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Here's why COID could reject your employee's injury claim

by , 19 August 2014
The compensation fund doesn't always pay out for injury claims. It has very particular criteria you and your employee must fulfil before it gives your employee workers' compensation.

The Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) is very clear about when your employee will get compensation and when he won't.

Here are four reasons why the Compensation Commissioner may reject your employee's compensation claim...


COID may reject your employee's claim for these four reasons

Reason #1: Your employee's injury isn't an 'Injury on Duty'
COID will only pay out for injuries that actually happen while your employee is on duty. This means he must be acting in terms of his employment.
Even if your employee is on your premises but isn't acting in terms of his employment when his injury happens it's not an injury on duty.
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Reason #2: Your employee caused the accident that led to his injuries
If the Compensation Commissioner finds out that your employee caused his own accident, he'll reject the claim. Otherwise, it's too easy for employees to hurt themselves on purpose just to claim compensation.
Reason #3: The accident didn't actually cause any injuries or illness
Your employee can't just claim for an accident if it didn't result in any injuries or illnesses. If he can still work and he didn't have medical expenses, he doesn't need compensation. 
Reason #4: You didn't register your company with COID
If you don't register your company with COID - which is illegal - the commissioner with reject your employee's claim. 
Then he'll launch an investigation into your company for not registering. If he finds this to be the case, he'll make you pay a hefty fine.
So if COID rejects your employee's claim it could be for any of these four reasons.

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Here's why COID could reject your employee's injury claim
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