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If a workplace accident damages company property, do THIS

by , 10 July 2014
Picture this scenario: Your employee Linda is rushing to a meeting. She has her cell phone, files and laptop (which belongs to the company) in her hands.

As she rushes to the elevator she steps on a loose carpet tile and slips. As her legs go flying out from under her, she drops everything.

On impact, the phone's screen cracks and the laptop keypad detaches from the screen. In one accident, yours and Linda's property is broken.

When you investigate this incident you must remember this...

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Even though Linda isn't hurt after her fall you must still investigate it

Damage to company property is serious. It costs you money because of the lost asset. This is why you must investigate accidents like these so you can prevent future loses even if Linda wasn't injured. 
To begin the investigation, you must secure the scene as follows:
1. Clear the area so no one else falls and check if Linda needs first aid;
2. Clean up the mess and check to see if the cell phone and laptop still work. Check to see if you can repair the laptop;
3. Check to see what your company's policy on property damage is;
4. Begin the investigation to determine if the accident was Linda's fault, in which case she's responsible for the damage;
5. Ask your health and safety representative if there are other accident reports on loose carpet tiles; and 
6. Repair the floor and maintain it so there won't be any other accidents in future.
It's important to remember that if the accident investigation shows the accident wasn't Linda's fault, you CAN'T disciple her or try make her pay for the damaged property.
There you have it: Now you know what to do when a workplace accident damages company property. 
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You must always have first aid kits available in your workplace
And your first aid kits must be kept stocked with items on the list from the COID Act and the General Safety Regulations Annexure.

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If a workplace accident damages company property, do THIS
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