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If you don't report this type of accident to the Compensation Commissioner you'll face massive penalties

by , 17 April 2014
It's a common mistake: One of your employees comes into your office to report an accident at work, but you don't report it to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Fund (COID) because you believe he was injured after working hours. This is a big mistake. You must report all accidents to the Compensation Commissioner. If you don't, the consequences you'll face could cripple your business...


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If you don't report all your accidents to COID, you'll face these harsh penalties

The Health & Safety Advisor says if you don't report an injury or disease to the Commissioner within seven days, the Director General can fine you and you could face other penalties (Section 39.6, 7, 8 of COIDA).

The fine includes:

  1. The cost of medical assistance;
  2. Any amount paid or payable, including ambulance fees, doctor fees or any specialist fees;
  3. The value of a pension (lump sum or portion); and
  4. Allowances (for transportation, ambulance, treatment at home etc.)

In fact, the ONLY time you'd be able to get away with not reporting accidents would be if you can prove that your failure to report the accident:

  • Wasn't due to willful negligence;
  • Was because of something you had no control over; or
  • The value of the amount would result in your company becoming insolvent, bankrupt or liquidated.

Still it's advisable that you report all accidents to the Commissioner. But that's not the only thing you need to do to avoid penalties…


Three tips to get your employees to comply with health and safety laws

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Make sure you do the following to avoid COID penalties

Ask your employee to give you any information or documents that the Commissioner may need to support the compensation claim. This includes medical reports, copies of sick notes and copies of prescriptions for medicines.

After you get the info, documents and medical report, submit these to the Commissioner within seven days of receiving these.

The bottom line: You don't have the authority to decide if an injury or disease occurred during working hours or not. Only the Commissioner has that authority. So make sure you report all accidents so you can avoid harsh penalties.

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If you don't report this type of accident to the Compensation Commissioner you'll face massive penalties
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