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If your employees 'keep mum' about accidents here are seven ways to get them to report them

by , 03 July 2014
It's important to know about any accidents that happen on your site. Not just because you can't protect your employees from accidents you don't know about, but because you need to report them to the compensation commissioner.

If you can't do this, you can't help your employee claim from COID.

Unfortunately though, some employees are too scared to report accidents. They think they'll get in trouble for the incident so it's better to just keep quiet.

There's good news though. We've got seven ways you can create a culture where your employees will report incidents in your workplace...

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Here are seven ways to get your employees to speak up about accidents

As the Health and Safety Advisor says: 'What you know, you can manage. What you don't know escalates your business risk'.
This perfectly explains how important it is for your employees to report workplace accidents. 
There are seven ways you can get them to do just that:
1. Create a safe and open style of communication: If your employees aren't scared to come to you, even if they're in a lower rank, they're more likely to report incidents to you.
2. Pay attention when your employees do report incidents: You must deal with any incident and its underlying cause. If you don't, you employee will assume you don't care, so why should they bother to report it.
3. Do something about hazardous situations your employees report: You must put safety precautions in place so the hazard isn't a problem anymore.
4. Give your employees feedback on the incident and what you're doing to fix it: Your employees need to know you take their incident reports seriously. Giving them feedback is a good way to prove this to them.
5. Don't blame people for the incident.
6. Find out what the underlying cause of the incident was: It's vital to do a proper incident investigation if your employees report an accident to you.
7. Take preventative measures to make sure an incident like this doesn't happen again. .
There you have it: Seven effective ways you can encourage your employees to report all incidents to you. 
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If your employees 'keep mum' about accidents here are seven ways to get them to report them
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