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Jack breaks his arm on the job - it's going to cost you, but not if you do this one thing

by , 28 September 2016
I'm sure it's happened at least once in your factory...

Jack, breaks his arm while working on one of your machines...
Or he broke it falling off the silo...
Or if you're in an office, Jack tripped on a cable in your office, fell and broke his wrist.

Jack's now taking time off to go to the doctor, the orthopedic surgeon, needs weekly check-ups and the time he's taking off is just amounting to more and more.

It's costing you a fortune in downtime... And you're left wondering just how and where to somehow save or recoup your costs.

Read on to find out how you can stop injuries on duty like these from costing your business...


Can you bill Jack for all the leave days?
I know you're wondering firstly if you can take all his days off as unpaid leave. Surely all the time he has taken off to go to his Dr visits, and weekly physio sessions is leave that you didn't have to grant, right?
As per the COID Act, you must pay his normal salary for the time he's booked off to get medical treatment related to his injury. 
In other words, it's paid leave.

But, there is one nifty way for you to recoup your costs…



Your lifeline when an employee has an Injury-On-Duty

It's seemingly simple… the one way you can get some money BACK from Jack's accident is from COID.

The COID commissioner will refund your company all the costs regarding his salary and medical costs you carry for the treatment. 

But be warned…. The process of dealing with COID isn't always easy.

There's a procedure and very specific steps you must follow when reporting IOD's to COID. There are certain forms you have to complete and documentation you need to keep on file. Click here to get your hands on them all!

To find out every single thing you need for your COID claim to be approved quickly, simply click here!


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Jack breaks his arm on the job - it's going to cost you, but not if you do this one thing
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