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Jason died at work! Do you know how to handle the admin of this tragedy?

by , 17 December 2014
It's lunch time on your construction site and your employees are winding down to take their break. While everyone's concentrating on what to have for lunch, disaster strikes.

Jason goes to shut down the machine he was working on. His sleeve catches on the machine and it pulls his arm into the cutting blade.

Sadly, Jason suffers such serious injuries and blood loss, that he dies.

Now your first reaction to this situation may be to feel guilty or worry about his family. But unfortunately, this tragedy comes with a lot of admin you need to think about too. And as Jason's employer, you need to get this admin done. Here's how...

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Here's the admin you have to take care of after Jason dies at work

You need to report the accident to COID. But first you have to tell the DoL about any workplace fatality. To do this, phone the nearest labour centre. Then email or fax them with all the details about Jason's and death, including:
Name of the person who died;
Address of the person who died;
Your name as his employer;
Your company's address;
Your company's telephone number;
Name of contact person (wife, parent or friend);
Details of incident:
- What happened;
- Where it happened (place);
- When it happened (date and time);
- How it happened;
- Why it happened; and
- Names of witnesses.
Also make sure no one touches the accident scene during this time. An inspector from the DoL will come inspect the site and then tell you when you can clean up.
Take photographs of the accident scene to document the evidence. It could be useful in the incident investigation. This will also help you prevent similar accidents in future. 
Once you've done this, you can turn your attention to helping Jason's family. You do this by helping them claim COID death benefits as Jason's dependants. 
Here's how.
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Here's what you need to send to COID so Jason's family can claim death benefits

To help Jason's family claim from COID, you have to submit:
•Your report of the incident and circumstances surrounding it;
•A death certificate indicating the cause of death;
•If Jason had a wife and children under 18 years old, submit:
- A marriage certificate;
- Birth/baptismal certificates or sworn statements regarding the ages of all the children;
- A claim for compensation - W.CL. 3;
- A statement by the widow/widower - W.CL. 32; and
- An itemised burial account and the receipt.
It's your duty to help Jason's family get the compensation they need. Check out the COID Compliance Guide to find out what his family should get from COID. 
No one wants to think of a death at work as 'admin', but sadly it does come with it. You have to deal with all the paperwork so you can comply with the law and help your employee's family get compensation. 
Check out the COID Compliance Guide for more information on what you have to do if your employee has an injury or dies at work. 

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Jason died at work! Do you know how to handle the admin of this tragedy?
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