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Know your health and safety rights if there's a construction incident!

by , 21 January 2013
Buying cheaper materials for your building construction may seem like a good idea in the short-term as you'll save money, but you'll end up paying more in the long term as you'll probably have to rebuild, compensate for injuries and face the health and safety repercussions!

Today, China.org reports that three sand mines in Weifang City in east China's Shandong Province have been closed for illegally selling cheap magang sand for use in local construction projects. The sand is so soft and crumbly that it is dangerous to use for building, but it is still widely used in local construction projects.
The area is known as a supplier of building materials because some of the counties of Weifang are rich in high-quality river sands, often used in manufacturing as well as to make concrete, according to a CCTV investigation.
However, some replace costly river sands with much cheaper magang sand, obtained by crushing weathered local magang rocks.
If they won't even use magang sand to build henhouses and pigpens, why risk health and safety by using it for local construction projects?
Local villagers said they dare not use magang sand even to build henhouses and pigpens because the walls would be vulnerable to cracking.
When asked whether the magang sand poses a risk, a sandpit owner was videotaped dismissing the question. "Dangerous? Chinese people aren't afraid of danger," he said.
But what if there was an injury as a result of using this cheaper quality sand? If you invest in the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf, you'll know exactly who's liable, responsible and accountable when an incident occurs as well as how to draw up an agreement to cover yourself against liability. Click here to order your copy today!

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Know your health and safety rights if there's a construction incident!
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