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Nandi ruined her chance of compensation when she broke her arm at work. Here's why...

by , 16 September 2014
Nandi and June left work but Nandi was in a silly mood. She decided she wanted to try to beat June to the lift just for fun. As they both walked out the door Nandi dashed past June.

But then Nandi's grand plan went wrong as she slipped on the tiles and landed on her arm which broke.

Sadly, because her behaviour at the time wasn't appropriate work behaviour, COID won't pay her any compensation.

Read on to find out why...


Here's why COID won't give Nandi compensation because of her behaviour

COID has a rule about not giving compensation to an employee who causes her own accident. 
The Compensation Commissioner will see Nandi's accident as her own fault because, at the time, she didn't behave appropriately. 
If she behaved normally, she could have avoided her accident. This means it didn't come directly from her work.
This is why it's so important to tell your employees to behave properly at work. This will prevent them from misbehaving and causing accidents they won't get any compensation for. 
But what if Nandi caused June to slip and fall? Will COID compensate June for her accident?
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Here's what'll happen to June if Nandi caused her accident 

COID will probably pay for June's claim because she can argue that a colleague (who is apart of her occupation) made her slip and fall.
This means COID may see this as an occupational injury caused by a workplace factor (her colleague).
But if both women didn't behave properly and thus had the accident, COID will reject both claims.
This rule applies to anytime your employee causes her own accident.
Ensure your employees behave in an appropriate way so they never have silly accidents that COID won't pay for. Otherwise, your workforce may misbehave and end up in hospital without compensation. 

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Nandi ruined her chance of compensation when she broke her arm at work. Here's why...
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