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Need a 'Letter of Good Standing' to prove your company's registered with COID? You can now get yours online!

by , 02 September 2014
If you've submitted a tender or do work on somebody else's property, you need a Letter of Good Standing.

This letter verifies that your company actually exists, has paid all its statutory dues to COID, met all its filing requirements and, therefore, is authorised to transact business.

But how do you get this letter?

Read on for the answer...


Great news! If you've met the following criteria, you can request your Letter of Good Standing online

Last month, the Compensation Fund launched a new service that enables you to print and verify your Letter of Good Standing online. This after companies complained that getting their letter was taking too long. 
If you've experienced the same problem and fulfil the following criteria, as set out by the Department of Labour, you can make use of this handy service: 
  • You, the employer, are registered with the Compensation Fund as per section 80 of the COID Act
  • You've submitted all your returns of earnings as per section 82 of the COID Act
  • The Compensation Fund has fully assessed your company as per section 83 of the COID Act
  • You've paid/settled all outstanding debt as per section 86 of the COID Act.
If you tick all these boxes, you can log onto http://cfonline.labour.gov.za/OnlineSubmissions/ and request yours. 
Once you receive it, check it contains these seven things to ensure your letter is legit…
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Here are the seven things a legitimate Letter of Good Standing will include

To protect yourself against Letter of Good Standing fraud, check your letter contains:
  1. The Department of Labour logo
  2. A barcode with your certificate number
  3. The date of issue
  4. An expiry date
  5. A watermarked South African Coat of Arms
  6. A signature from the Compensation Commissioner
  7. And Compensation Fund logo
There you have it. Don't wait weeks and weeks to get your Letter of Good Standing. Logon to the DoL's new site today and do it online. 

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the COID Compliance Guide. It has everything you need to fully comply with the COID Act.

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Zwodangani 2017-01-18 12:17:48

I'm looking for letter of good standing

Sakhile Ncayiyana 2016-12-24 13:46:11

hi admin,,Im sakhile,a owner of Khiellehgaiety trading,,,I went to department of labour for letter of goodstanding but I coudln't get help. They told me to do it online. I suddenly l
Tried so many times but I can't get it done. Plz help!!!!

Rashel 2016-12-07 10:10:23

urgently need a letter of good standing , help please urgently

Jeremia 2016-11-27 01:51:10

Hi:I'm looking for compesation letter of tender purpose,help please

Tanya 2016-11-03 21:31:02

What's the point of commenting here or asking anything seeing no one has been answered??? How can a new company get a letter of good standing if it hasn't even had the chance to submit
annual returns????

peter Baker 2016-08-30 09:19:44

Hi I am struggling to get the Letter of good standing for PCB Steel Construction 2016/187476/07 Please help

tebatso 2016-08-20 20:48:01

Hi.. I hv registered a new company but now struggling to get a letter of good standing... Please help please..

Wanted 2016-08-19 20:37:52

Hi i have a company i start from 2014 i register for 2014.so i did register 2015&2016

mike mthombeni 2016-08-08 21:23:52

I've register a letter of goodstanding for the first time but it come with an invioce of R5400 and my company didn't do single job can please help me I'm total lost the name of the company is Mapuwulu investment nd construction. The company is registered in 2014 thanks

Nonhlanhla Bhengu 2016-03-02 17:30:25

im looking for a letter of goodstanding i went into department of labour in last yr bt till today i didnt get it

sibongile mvubu 2015-11-17 07:58:27

Ive tried this online many times but I cant reach the other steps please urgent send me my letter of good standing in my email I even went to department of labour in braamfontein they dowload a steps of online I even phone call centre for 3 days stil I dont get help

Michael samuel mekoa 2015-09-13 20:06:52

I am in the need of a letter of good standing for legong tshipi construction and project

Pieter Witbooi 2015-06-23 15:12:34

I am in the need of a letter of good standing

errol 2015-06-18 11:42:25

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you’re interested in our service.

errol@compensation.org.za / admin@compensation.org.za

054 332 1076 / 073 416 0949

sizwe mabizela 2015-05-08 13:41:12


Hendrik Willemse 2015-04-22 20:34:43

I send my registrasion form to kimberley on the 9 of februarie 2015, and get a acknowledgement letter from them. When i go and ask my number to get my letter of good standing it was never submit to pretoria. I fax all the documentasion through again and realy hope somebody can help me with this problem urgently as i cant get any work at the mines without a letter of good standing. Hope someone can help me in this matter. Greetings

gift mmalegase 2015-03-24 20:47:09


GODBEY 2014-11-04 21:31:00


i want to make letter of goodstanding and register with workmen compensation

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