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Nine steps you can use to do a thorough incident investigation in your workplace

by , 03 July 2014
If an accident happens in your workplace, you need to take certain steps to deal with it. This includes ensuring your employees report it so you can report it to the compensation commissioner.

But your job doesn't just stop when your employee gets his compensation. You have to do a full incident investigation. If you don't, you can't determine what caused the workplace accident or, prevent it from happening again.

Why deal with the same accidents again and again when you can do an investigation in nine easy steps and avoid them?

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You can do an effective incident investigation effectively with these nine steps

Investigating incidents at work is important for several reasons. If you don't investigate them, your employees won't bother reporting them. This means you won't be able to report it to the compensation commissioner and this could make you guilty of non-compliance.
You can see that not investigating an accident can have a serious negative domino effect. 
So rather use these nine steps to investigate the accident:
Step 1: Review the incident report. When your employee reports the incident to you, he'll have to fill this in.
Step 4: Create a casual factor chart and review the evidence you collected.
Step 5: Analyse each casual factor to determine its root cause.
Step 6: Discuss the incident in your next Health and Safety Committee meeting to get the members' recommendations.
Step 7: Draw up an action plan for each recommendation.
Step 8: Assign people to be responsible for the implementation of these recommended precautions.
Step 9: Document the whole investigation process so that it meets the minimum requirements. 
That's all there is to it! If you follow these steps and ask the right questions, all your accident investigations will go smoothly and effectively. 
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Nine steps you can use to do a thorough incident investigation in your workplace
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