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'Oh no! My employee was in an accident on his way to work! Will COID pay for this?'

by , 25 July 2014
Accidents happen everywhere. But all you can do as an employer is protect your employees from the ones that happen at work.

But then what about if your employee has a car accident on his way to work. You feel responsible for this because your employee wouldn't have had the accident if he wasn't coming to YOUR business.

Because of this feeling of responsibility, many employers want to know if COID will pay out for this accident.

Today, we reveal the answer to that question...

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This is how COIDA defines an accident

According to the Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) an accident must:
 'Arise out of and in the course of an employee's employment''. It should have occurred while the worker was on duty and should have been part of the workers scope of duty'.
This is what COID considers an occupational injury or disease. 
The confusion comes in because some employers think that 'in the course of an employee's employment' covers them traveling to and from work as well.
Sadly it doesn't. Your employee must actually be on duty when the accident happened. So that means if he was on the way to a client, COID will cover it because he's on duty at the time.
So what does this mean for your poor employee?

Your employee can't get workers' compensation from COID for a car accident 

Even if your employee had the accident just before he drove onto your business premise, COID still won't pay him accident compensation. The reason is COID will only cover occupational injuries and disease.
So if this happens to one of your employees rather suggest he claim from his insurance because the compensation fund won't give him anything.
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'Oh no! My employee was in an accident on his way to work! Will COID pay for this?'
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