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Oh no! The new intern hurt himself at work. Should you report it to COID?

by , 08 December 2014
You have a new intern, John, at work. He doesn't have an official employment contract with you as he's just there over his university holidays.

But then there's an accident and John breaks his leg.

Now you want to find out if John is entitled to workers' compensation even though he's not an official employee? And whether you even have to report it to COID?

Today I'm going to tell you whether or not John can get compensation from COID and what you must do about it...

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Does COID give injury compensation to interns?

Yes, COID covers any injuries an intern or learner has in your workplace. According to simplyworkcomp.com, even unpaid interns can get injury compensation. For this to happen, you must report your intern's accident to COID so he can get compensation. But you need to check he's an intern or a volunteer. Volunteers generally don't get compensation but interns do.
An intern is generally a student completing his or her higher education or recent graduate who's learning more about the professional field.
Just make sure your intern has a contract with your company, even if it's not an official employment contract. It simply has to say he's working for you for a certain period. Also include how much you pay him, even if you don't pay him anything. 
This is very important when it comes to helping him claim because it supports the fact that he works for you. 
So how do you help your intern claim compensation? 
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Here's what you must do to help your intern claim compensation from COID

You claim compensation for your intern the same way you claim for any employee. This means the first thing you must do is report the accident to COID. 
Do this by completing the W.CL.2 for injuries or the W.CL.1 for diseases and sending it to COID. 
You must also submit your W.CL.4 (medical report) that your intern's doctor has filled in. Remember, it's important to get any intern or employee to a doctor A.S.A.P. after an accident. 
You can submit the W.CL.2/1 and 4 at the same time. 
Then you must wait to get a W.CL.56 back from COID. This confirms the Commissioner got your report and contains your claim reference number. 
The Commissioner will then review your intern's claim and decide whether to pay it or not.
If your intern needs more medical attentions or time off, get the doctor to complete the W.CL.5 (Medical Progress Report). This must explain your intern's current condition and what treatment he still needs. 
The last step you need to take is to send in a W.CL.6 form when your intern is well enough to go back to work. If your intern's time with you is over and he has to go back to university, you must still follow up with him and find out when he's returned to university as normal. You can find a copy of the W.CL.6 in the COID Compliance Guide
If you have interns in your workplace, make sure they're safe. And if they do have an accident, remember they're still entitled to injury compensation according to COIDA

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Oh no! The new intern hurt himself at work. Should you report it to COID?
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