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One thing you must do to comply with COIDA

by , 10 October 2014
The Compensation for Occupational Injury or Disease Act (COIDA) protects your employees by enabling them to get compensation for work related injuries or illnesses.

You have to comply with this Act so your employees can get the benefits.

But what must you do to comply?


Don't break the law! Do this to comply with COIDA

The most important thing you must do to comply with COIDA is to register with the Compensation Fund. This puts you on their system so they know you have employees that might need compensation.
You have to do this even if you have one employee. 
When you register, COID will give you a registration number. You must keep this in a safe place because you need it to claim compensation for your employees. 
So how do you register with COID?
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Here's how to register with COID in just five steps

1. Download the registration form (i.e. W.As.2 form) from the DoL website;

2. Complete the form;

3. Enter all the information required;

4. Attach the following documents when you send the form:
a. CK1/2 or CM1 + CM29 for close corporations and companies, Trust documents or NPO certificates;
b. A copy of ID document(s) for sole proprietors, owners or partners.

5. Send the form to The Compensation Commissioner.

After you complete the registration process, you have seven days to change the information in the form and inform the Commissioner of any changes you might have.
If you have changes, complete a second form and submit it to the Commissioner. You must indicate at the top of the form that it's a change to your first registration form. 
For more help complying with this Act check out the COID Compliance Guide. It contains everything you need to know about complying and registration with COIDA.

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One thing you must do to comply with COIDA
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