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Seven crucial COID forms you need to know about

by , 21 August 2014
Most employers think the process of claiming for COID is extremely complicated. The reason for this is because of all the forms you must complete and submit for your employee to get paid.
The moment you understand what each form is for and when you must send it in, the whole process becomes a lot less confusing.

But that's why today, we're here to explain what each of these seven COID forms are for and when you must submit them...


These are the seven COID forms you'll have to submit for a claim

COID form #1 and #2: W.CL. 2 & W.CL. 1
These forms come right at the beginning of the process when you have to report the accident to the Compensation Commissioner. The W. CL. 1 is for occupational diseases and the W.CL.2 is for occupational injuries. You must submit these within seven days of the accident.
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COID form #3: W.CL 4
This is a form for the medical certificate. If you have it at the beginning of the process, you must submit it with your accident report.
COID form #4: W.CL.55 
This is the form you receive back from the Compensation Commissioner. The W.CL.55 shows you he received your claim and gives you your reference number.
COID form #5:  W.CL.56
The W. CL.56 will come after that and will show whether or not the Compensation Fund will pay the claim.
COID form #6: W.CL. 5
This form is for a progress medical report. You'll send this form in if your employee's injuries continue to cause him pain and you want to claim more compensation for him.
COID form #7: W.CL. 6
You must send this form in when your employee starts work again. This is called a Resumption Report.
There you have it: These seven COID forms are very important to the claiming process. Now that you understand what they're for and when you must send them in, the process will be a lot less complicated.

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Seven crucial COID forms you need to know about
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