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There are three types of people that can claim money back from COID! Are you one of them?

by , 23 December 2014
The Compensation for Occupational Injury or Disease Act (COIDA) works to protect employees that have injuries, or contract diseases, at work.

It basically works as a national workers' insurance. Every employer in South Africa has to register with COID. This is even if you only have one employee.

Then the Compensation Commissioner assesses your business and tells you how much money you have to give COID for the year.

But after this whole process, do you know who actually gets to use this money?

There are three types of people that can make use of this money and I'm going to tell you who they are...

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Are you one of the three types of people that can get money from COID

1. Doctors
Doctors can claim refunds from COID. How the system should work is, you take your employee to the doctor with an injury on duty (IOD) and the doctor will treat him without charging you or your employee. 
The doctor must then fill out the W.CL.4 form (medical report).
After this, the doctor will claim the cost of treatment back from COID. 
Unfortunately though, the system doesn't work as it should. There are lots of doctors in South Africa that simply refuse to treat IODs unless you pay cash up front. Even though this is illegal, they do it anyway because COID takes too long to reimburse them.  
In this case, just pay cash and report the doctor to COID. 
2. Employers
The good news is, even if that doctor forces you to pay cash up front, you can claim the money back from COID. 
In fact, you can claim back the cost of any medical expenses you cover for your employee. But, according to the COID Compliance Guide, it will only do this for up to two years after the injury or disease first happened. 
But that's not all you can claim. If your employee is off work for longer than three days you still have to keep pay him 75% of his salary. But you can claim this money back. This only applies for the first three months after your employee's injury or disease happened. 
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3. Employees
Lastly, and most importantly, your employee can claim from COID. The amount of compensation your employee will get will depend on how serious his accident or injury is. 
For example, if your employee falls and bumps his head and you take him to the hospital to check for a concussion. The doctor says he seems fine but that he must come for another appointment in a week just to do a check up. 
Because your employee can go straight back to work, COID will only give him compensation for the two doctor's appointments if he paid for them. 
But, on the other hand, if your employee loses his arm in a workplace accident, he'll get a monthly pension. With permanent disabilities, your employee's compensation depends on his disability percentage.
There's a lot more to know about how to handle COID and how to get compensation. You can find out everything you need to know in the COID Compliance Guide

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There are three types of people that can claim money back from COID! Are you one of them?
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