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Three situations where COID won't hand out any money for a workplace accident

by , 11 July 2014
COID exists so your employees can get compensation after a workplace accident. That doesn't mean ALL accidents though.

Even though COID needs to know about any incident that results in an injury or illness, it won't pay for all of them.

In fact, there are three situations where your employees won't get any money from COID after a workplace accident...

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 Not all workplace accidents will end in money from COID

COID is a government body. It exists to help employees who had accidents at work and can't work as a result. But that doesn't mean they just hand out money for ever accident. In fact, they won't in these three situations:
1. If the accident doesn't result in any injuries or illnesses
If you have an incident at work that doesn't cause any injuries or illness, you don't need to report it at all. 
You see, COID pays out compensation to help your employees if they can't work because of an injury or illness, if there's no illness or injury on duty, COID can't help you.
And COID won't pay out compensation for accidents that damaged property either.
2. If the accident was your employee's fault
If your employee caused the accident that lead to his injury, the Compensation Commissioner will reject his claim.
3. If your employee is off from work for less than three days
Let's say your employee sprains his ankle and can't walk on it for two days. The doctor books him off for those two days and after that he comes back to work. 
COID won't pay out for this because your employee's 'losses' are minor.
So remember, you must report any accident that results in an injury or illness but COID won't always pay workers' compensation for it. 
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Three situations where COID won't hand out any money for a workplace accident
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