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Three tips to stay on the Compensation Commissioner's good side

by , 19 August 2014
When it comes to compensation for occupation injury and disease (COID) and getting compensation for your employees, you must stay on the Compensation Commissioner's good side. After all, he's the one who reviews and either approves or rejects claims.

If you're on his bad side, he may reject your employees' claims quite often. Luckily though, the Commissioner is a reasonable person and it takes a lot to get on his bad side.

But to ensure that doesn't happen, use these three tips to stay on his good side...


Here's how to stay on the Compensation Commissioner's good side

The first thing you need to know when it comes to staying in the Commissioner's good books is to submit your statement of earnings each year on time.
Without this information, he can't assess your company and that means he can't give your employees the right amount of compensation.
You must submit your earnings in March of each year. This is unless, the commissioner extends the deadline for that year.
The next thing you must do to stay on the right side of the commissioner is pay your COID assessment tariff on time.
Once he assesses your earnings, you'll receive a notice showing the COID assessment tariff you must pay for that year. This covers all the admin expenses and, if you don't pay it, the commissioner will charge you with penalties.
There's one more thing you must do to stay on his good side.
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Here's the last way to ensure you stay on the commissioner's good side

Never submit claims to the compensation fund if your employees aren't entitled to compensation. 
If you keep submitting claims that the commissioner has to reject, it may trigger a DoL inspection instead of worker's compensation for your employee.
So ensure you do these three things so you never get on the Compensation Commissioner's bad side.

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Three tips to stay on the Compensation Commissioner's good side
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