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Watch out! If Jerry has one too many drinks before work, it could spell disaster for his COID claim

by , 16 September 2014
Your employee Jerry is working the late shift. He decides to have a few drinks with lunch. But a few turns into a few too many and by the time Jerry arrives on duty, he's rather on the drunk side.

Jerry's manager suspects he's had too much to drink but doesn't do anything because there's not enough staff as is.

But then Jerry has an accident and sustains a serious wound on his arm.

Now you have to deal with this accident and you wonder if COID will give Jerry compensation.

Read on to find out the answer...


This is COID's rules about giving compensation for accidents

COID will give your employee compensation if he has an injury because of his work. But, if your employee causes his accident through his own behaviour, COID will reject his claim.
The Compensation Commissioner is very strict about not giving employees compensation if they cause their accidents.
The reason is, it stops employees causing accidents and taking advantage of the situation. Also, since accident didn't stem from their work but rather their behaviour, it's not an occupation injury.
So what does this mean for drunk Jerry?
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Here's how COID will treat drunk Jerry's injury claim

COID will reject Jerry's claim for injury compensation because he sustained his accident while drunk and acting irresponsibly. This means the accident was his fault and wasn't related to his job. 
In this case, Jerry won't be able to get any money from the Compensation Fund, or you, because his accident may not have happened if he was sober. 
You must warn all of your employees about this danger and ensure no one arrives at work drunk. 

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Watch out! If Jerry has one too many drinks before work, it could spell disaster for his COID claim
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