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What must you do if your employee is injured during his lunch hour?

by , 29 May 2014
Your employees' health and safety is important to you. But what are your legal obligations if your employee is knocked down by a car when he's crossing the road during lunch time, can you claim from the Compensation Fund?

There's one question on the accident claim form that you need to answer correctly, which determines if you can claim or not.
Here's what you have to do....

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Make sure you answer this question correctly on the accident form

On the accident claim form, there is one question you need to answer:
'Did the accident (and consequential injury) arise out of and in the course of the employment of the injured employee.'

If your employee is on lunch (and not on duty) the accident didn't arise out of or in the course of his employment.  He wouldn't be able to claim in terms of the COID Act.

I would, however, advise that you submit the claim for the Compensation Commissioner to decide if they will compensate you for the injury. Just ensure that the relevant question on the claim form, referred to above, is answered clearly.

COID statistics show that the fund denies 80% of all claims outright!


For two reasons:
1. The employee either didn't report the claim properly.
2. Or the incident they reported is something the COID Fund doesn't cover.

I don't want this to happen to you...
That's why I've teamed up with four of South Africa's top health and safety experts to bring you the most accurate, useful COID compliance information out there so you'll always know your company is 100% compliant.

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What must you do if your employee is injured during his lunch hour?
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