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Why your employee's doctor is the most important link in claiming from COID

by , 01 September 2014
If your employee has an injury on duty, he can claim compensation for occupational injury or disease. This compensation comes from COID. When you send in your employee's claim for compensation the Compensation Commissioner will either approve or deny it.

Your employee's doctor may just be the most important link in the claiming process when it comes to getting the Commissioner to approve the claim.

That's why you need to ensure your employee visits him and get this document...


Ensure your employee goes to the doctor and gets this document for his COID claim

Your employee must go to a doctor after he has an injury on duty. The doctor must examine him and write a report. The report must show the extent of his injuries, the treatment he'll need and the amount of time he'll be off from work.
You must send this report to the compensation fund along with a W.CL.4 COID form.
If your employee doesn't have a regular doctor, select one for him and ensure he goes.
Otherwise, the Commissioner may reject the claim or not pay out enough workers' compensation. 
But that's not the only time your employee's doctor will help him.
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Your employee must go back to the doctor if he wants to reopen his claim
Let's say your employee's been off from work for two months and his injuries still cause him pain. So he wants to reopen his COID claim to get more compensation from the compensation fund.
To do this, he needs to go back to his doctor and get a progress report from him. This will detail his rate of recovery and what treatment he still needs.
This will help the Commissioner decide if your employee actually needs more compensation.
So ensure your employee visits his doctor after an injury to help him get compensation.

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Why your employee's doctor is the most important link in claiming from COID
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