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Will COID pay if June falls down the stairs as she's leaving work?

by , 08 September 2014
There's often confusion about when COID will and won't pay compensation for an injury. The reason for this is employers don't always know what counts as an injury on duty (IOD).

Take this example: What happens if June falls down your stairs as she's leaving work and breaks her foot? Does this count as an IOD or not?

And will COID pay if this accident happens to your employee?


COID will only pay if the injury falls under its definition of an injury on duty

According to the COID Act, for your employee's injury to be an injury on duty it must happen:
- On your company property; and
- When she's acting in terms of her employment.
The second point is more important because COID will still consider it an injury on duty if your employee has in injury will acting in terms of her job but she's not on your premises (For example, if a sales agent has a car crash while driving between clients).
So how does this apply to June slipping down your stairs as she leaves work?
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Here's the answer to whether or not COID will pay for this accident

When this accident happens, your employee is on your premises. But she's not acting in terms of her employment. 
At this time, she's off duty and on her way home – this isn't a job responsibility and therefore she's not acting in terms of her employment.
Because of that fact this isn't an injury on duty and June won't get workers' compensation from COID for this injury.
Ensure your employees know this and tell them to take extra care so they don't have accidents COID won't pay for.

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Will COID pay if June falls down the stairs as she's leaving work?
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