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Will COID pay if the construction site outside my office makes Paul sick?

by , 23 September 2014
Paul sits by the window in your office. Normally he loves his view but in the last three months, someone bought the plot next door and started building a shopping centre. Now, instead of breathing lovely fresh air he's breathing in dust and cement particles.

This has given him a serious chest infection and his doctor says he needs to take at least two weeks off and go on serious medication to fight it.

If you're wondering if COID will give Paul compensation for his illness. Read on...


Will Paul get illness compensation from COID?

The answer to this question is yes. 
Even though the construction next door has nothing to do with Paul's job, his work environment exposed him to this health problem.
Since he can't escape these conditions, it's a work related illness. That mean COID will pay Paul compensation because:
- He was on your premises when he fell ill; and
- He was acting in terms of his employment.
Now that you know you can get illness compensation for Paul, here's how to do it.
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Here's how to help Paul get his illness compensation

You must complete and submit a W.CL.1 COID form. This is your Employer's Report of Occupational Disease and it must give the details of how Paul's job made him ill.
Then you must get a doctor's report (W.CL.4) from his doctor. This must have the details of his illness, treatment and rest or time off requirements.
You must complete a progress report if Paul doesn't get better and a resumption report when he starts work.
Now you know: If your employee is exposed to this type of hazard during the cause of his work, COID will assist him if he falls ill.

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Will COID pay if the construction site outside my office makes Paul sick?
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