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Without COID your employees may face injuries AND financial disasters

by , 31 July 2014
Picture this scenario: Your employee Ben is working with one of your bending machines. He goes to change the metal template in the machine and slips. He falls into the machine and it crushes his arm.

Ben's arm is seriously injured and he can't use it at all. This means he's not going to be able to work for a long time. He'll also have to pay for medical bills and rehabilitation.

Except, if he can't work, how can he pay for these expenses?

The truth is if any of your employees have an accident at work, they could suffer serious injuries. These injuries could cost them hugely. If someone doesn't help them, they'll face financial disaster. This is where COID comes in...

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COID will help prevent your employees from facing financial disaster

If you pay your employees according to the shifts they work, it's a huge problem if they can't work. 
If they then have to pay medical bills that run into R20 000 or more, they may have to spend all their life's savings.
This is why the Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) exists. It's there to save your employees from this type of financial disaster.
Because of COID your employee can get workers' compensation to cover his medical bills and the money he lost because he can't work.
But if you haven't registered your company with COID, guess who has to pay the compensation for your employee's injury on duty?

If you haven't registered your company with COID you must pay your employees compensation

The CIOD Act says your employee is entitled to compensation. Normally, that comes from the compensation fund. But if you don't register your company with COID, your employee is still entitled to his compensation! So you must pay it!
The solution is simple. To protect your employees and your company from financial disaster; register your company with COID A.S.A.P! 
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Without COID your employees may face injuries AND financial disasters
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