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11 tips that'll turn your next safety audit into a safety dream come true

by , 29 May 2014
Safety audits can hugely time consuming nightmare. This means you'll either rush through them, missing things, or waste lots of unnecessary time.

Neither of these is a good thing and they can turn a helpful safety audit into a pointless task.

But there's good news. You can use these 11 tips to turn that nightmare safety audit into a dream come true.

Simple, Fast, Efficient - use the Audit Smart programme and ensure you're 100% compliant with the OHS Act and 19 regulations
Follow these steps: 
- Install the programme
- Open the worksheet to the Act or regulation you want to check.
- Answer the compliance questions, by answering 1 for complying and 0 for not complying
- Your compliance report will automatically be generated.  Now you can quickly assess your compliance level.

Use these 11 tips to turn your safety audit into a success

The Health and Safety Advisor doesn't just tell you that you must do a safety audit. It also gives you 11 very useful tips on how you can make it a success:
1. Be precise and exact. Vague and open-ended questions won't help you and they may cause more confusion;
2. Be prepared. You can't afford to waste time trying to get unnecessary details. You need to know who you need to get information about the safety plan from;
3. Keep a sense of proportion. Minor human errors aren't as important as holes in your safety management system;
4. Be human. Approach the employees you interview as fellow humans and break the ice. This will help you get better information from them;
5. Be determined, decisive and direct. Just because you're treating those involved in the audit as people, doesn't mean you must be lax about the process. You must strive to get it done effectively and efficiently;
6. Be fair. Treat everyone and everything in the audit process fairly. Don't try to find fault in one specific person or department;
Those are the Advisors' tips on how to act during the audit, the rest are on what you must do. 
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Tips 7 – 11 are on what to do during an audit

7. Get on with the job. You mustn't spend too much time just talking to people;
8. Discuss any problems on the spot. If you deal with issues as they arise, you'll save time later;
9. Return to any area to obtain fresh evidence if necessary. If you have any doubts about safety issues you've already audited don't hesitate to go back. Get staff and management to help you;
10. Keep an eye open for obvious clean up jobs. You warn a department about an audit so they can get things in order. But you must still look for obvious and major clean ups of workplace hazards;
11. Sample the system to gain confidence. You must look at samples of the safety programme until you're satisfied all is well or identify things that need work.
These 11 tips make the whole audit process run, smoother, faster and more effectively. 

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11 tips that'll turn your next safety audit into a safety dream come true
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