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25% of employers don't comply with OHS regulations! If you're one of them you could face serious penalties!

by , 23 July 2014
The OHS Act outlines all the OHS regulations you must follow as an employer. These regulations are in place to ensure you protect your employees.

If you don't follow these regulations, you're breaking the law. This could land you with fines and even jail time if the DoL finds out!

This is the threat 25% of employers face because of non-compliance. If you're part of that 25%, this is what could happen to you...

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One in four employers don't comply with OHS regulations, reports the Labour Minister

Labour minister, Mildred Oliphant, has reported that during last year, the DoL inspectors found that only 75% of employers actually comply with safety regulations.
This means that 25% of South African employers don't give their employees the protection they need. This is a serious criminal offence. 
If you're one of this 25% and a DoL inspector pays you a visit, you're in serious trouble....

If the DoL inspector does an inspection and sees your non-compliance he will enforce penalties

Inspectors from the DoL inspect workplaces regularly. If an inspector comes to yours and sees youhaven't complied with OHS regulations, he will take action.  
This action depends on how serious the health and safety issues in your workplace are, but he could:
1. Instruct you to put safety precautions in place. If you ignore this instruction, you'll face huge fines;
2. He could fine your company and make you pay penalties;
3. He can force your company to stop all work until you fix all health and safety problems; and
4. He can even lay a criminal charge against you depending on the seriousness of your non-compliance.
To ensure none of this happens to your business, rather improve your company's health and safety to comply with OHS regulation.
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25% of employers don't comply with OHS regulations! If you're one of them you could face serious penalties!
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