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7 reasons why you should conduct a health and safety audit

by , 07 December 2016
7 reasons why you should conduct a health and safety auditYou have a legal obligation to protect the health and safety of your employees. The best way to do this is to conduct a health and safety audit to identify problems in your health and safety system. This way you can prevent problems before they happen!

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7 reasons to conduct a health and safety audit
By doing a health and safety audit you'll:
  1. Get factual information that's not biased;
  2. Be able to systematically assess objective evidence and present facts;
  3. Give senior management an undistorted view of facts in a written report;
  4. Promote communication between the lowest and the highest levels within the company. This will allow everyone to suggest improvement;
  5. Evaluate the level of a person's skills or training and determine job effectiveness;
  6. Determine an unbiased status of equipment throughout the organisation, showing the physical condition and maintenance requirements; and
  7. Provide information that could lead to more effective staff training on health and safety practices.
Here are a few tips to make your auditing process a success.
Help! The DoL wants to shut my company down
The DoL called today, out of nowhere… They're arriving in 2 weeks for a health and safety inspection.
I don't have a SHE file and I've never had a risk assessment done on the premises.
The DoL said I could lose my business and face heavy penalties or even imprisonment if I don't pass the inspection.
5 tips to make your health and safety auditor's approach a success
  1. Be precise– Loosely phrased questions or requests can cause a lot of confusion. The auditor should consciously strive to convey exactly what he intends in all his communication with people.
  2. Be prepared– Don't waste people's time getting details you should already know. An unprepared auditor will find it much harder to get the full cooperation of people.
  3. Be determined, decisive and direct– The auditor mustn't be allowed to think he can get away with presenting incomplete information or delaying the proceedings unnecessarily.
  4. Get on with the job– The auditor should avoid spending a lot of time in unnecessary or irrelevant conversations. Here again, he can set an example to the company and demonstrate his resolve to get the business of the audit conducted as efficiently as possible.
  5. Be fair– The auditor should be fair in the way he approaches the different departments he audits. He musn't go to one especially prepared to find faults in it. Personal likes or dislikes or prejudices must not be allowed to influence his investigations. If he shows a bias, the auditor will lose people's confidence and trust.
How to conduct your health and safety audit in just 3 steps
Checkout the Health and Safety Advisor where we'll show you step-by-step how to conduct a health and safety audit in your company. We'll also show you how to plan when to do your health and safety audits.

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7 reasons why you should conduct a health and safety audit
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