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Applying for a construction work permit? Construction Regulations 2014 require you to do the following...

by , 05 March 2014
Are you in the construction sector? If so, continue reading to find out what the new Construction Regulations require you to do when applying for a construction work permit.

Construction Regulations 2014 have this to say about applying for a construction work permit

The South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors outlines what you must do to apply for a construction work permit:

#1: Construction Regulations 2014 state that a client who intends to have construction work carried out must apply to the provincial director in writing for a construction work permit. You must do this at least 30 days before that work is to be carried out.

The regulations also make it clear that you must apply for this permit if the intended construction work will:

  • Exceed 180 days;
  • Involve more than 1800 person days of construction work; or
  • The works contract is of a value equal to or exceeding thirteen million rand or Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) grading level 6.

#2: According to Construction Regulations 2014, the provincial director must give you this permit in writing within 30 days of receiving your application and must assign a site specific number for each construction site.

#3: You must display this site specific number 'conspicuously' at the main entrance of your construction site.

#4: In terms of Construction Regulations 2014, a client must ensure that the principal contractor keeps a copy of the construction work permit in the occupational health and safety file. You must do this so an inspector, client, the client's authorised agent, or an employee can inspect the construction work permit.

Important: You can't carry out any work if the construction work permit and specific number hasn't been issued to you.

Now that you know what Construction Regulations 2014 say about construction work permits, make sure you comply.

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Applying for a construction work permit? Construction Regulations 2014 require you to do the following...
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