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Are you a suspended platform inspector? Here are your seven duties in terms of Construction Regulations 2014

by , 13 March 2014
If you work with suspended platforms, Construction Regulations 2014 require you to appoint a suspended platform inspector. If you want to fully comply with the regulations, you must ensure that the inspector is aware of these seven duties...

Seven duties your suspended platform inspector must comply with

Construction Regulations 2014 states: A contractor must ensure that the suspended platform supervisor or the suspended platform inspector carries out a daily inspection of all the equipment prior to use.

To do this, the South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors explains that you must ensure that a suspended platform inspector establishes whether:

  1. All connection bolts are secure;
  2. All safety devices are functioning;
  3. All safety devices aren't tampered with or vandalised;
  4. The total maximum mass load of the platform isn't exceeded;
  5. The occupants in the suspended platform are using body harnesses which have been properly attached;
  6. There are no visible signs of damage to the equipment; and
  7. All reported operating problems have been attended to.


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As you know, keeping records is crucial when it comes to health and safety.

Construction Regulations 2014 also require that you ensure all inspection and performance test records are kept on the construction site at all times. You must make these available to an inspector, the client, the client's agent or any employee upon request.

Remember that the buck stops with you (employer) when it comes to health and safety matters.

In addition to ensuring your suspended platform inspector is aware of his seven duties, make sure that all employees required to work or to be supported on a suspended platform are:

  • Medically fit to work safely in a fall risk position or such similar environment by being in possession of a medical certificate of fitness;
  • Competent in conducting work related to suspended platforms safely; and
  • Trained on how to work with suspended platforms.

This will help ensure you're in inline with Construction Regulations 2014.

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Are you a suspended platform inspector? Here are your seven duties in terms of Construction Regulations 2014
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