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Are you storing flammable liquids correctly?

by , 16 August 2013
Many businesses have to store flammable liquids. Since flammable liquids are such a huge fire hazard, you MUST store them the right way. Read on to find out the rules of storing flammable liquids....

The truth is, flammable liquids are one of the most neglected safety hazards in business. If you have to store flammable liquids on your premises, follow these rules to make sure you're not creating an unnecessary hazard.
Here's the right way to store flammable liquids...
The Health and Safety Advisor gives these rules and tips for storing flammable liquids correctly....
1. Make sure to build the flammable liquid store of high quality, fireproof materials.
2. Clean the store itself, as well as any fans, grates and air ducts leading from it. This must happen at least once a month.
3. Ensure the flammable liquid store is located where there is no risk of damage from construction or traffic accidents.
4. Make sure the flammable liquid store has proper ventilation. Look up the flammable range of the liquids you're storing. Ensure there is enough ventilation to remove vapours until the air is 25% under the liquid's lowest flammable range.
5. Never store more than one day's amount of flammable liquids in one place.
6. Make sure every entrance to the flammable liquid store has clear 'No Smoking' signs displayed. Prohibit smoking and open flames in the room itself, and in the corridors and passageways leading up to the room.
With these storage and architecture tips in mind, you can rest assured that your flammable liquids are stored safely and correctly.

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Are you storing flammable liquids correctly?
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