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Are your workers following this safety procedure when doing their work?

by , 05 February 2014
As a health and safety supervisor, you need to make decisions about the health and safety of your workers and their working conditions. How do you do this? You need to ensure your workers stick to this safety procedure when carrying out their work.

One of the things you must do as a supervisor is to 'set the standard'.

What does this mean?

You need to make sure your workers follow the safety standard procedure for doing the work

The Health & Safety Advisor says your safety standard procedure must include the following:

  • Workers must complete a daily safety task instruction.
  • They must discuss hazards and risks associated to the work.
  • They must sign the daily safety task instruction.
  • Have a list of personal protective equipment, tools and other equipment that workers must use to do the work.
  • The type of employees who must do the work (competent workers who've been trained).
  • What your worker must do (the steps they must follow to complete the work).
  • State when the work must be done (this is important when it comes to time limited activities or scheduled activities).
  • Explain how the work must be done (this includes methods that workers must use and health and safety controls).
  • List how often the work must be done (this applies to repetitive work, or scheduled work).
  • Instruct workers to clean and store tools and equipment after they're done working.
  • Also tell employees to clean up their work area after doing the work.

Here's a useful tip regarding the safety standard procedure for doing the work:

The Health & Safety Advisor recommends you give your workers a 'pep' talk before they start working so they understand what they need to do and what they mustn't do.

'This is especially important in companies where different types of work are done by different people on a regular basis.'

Your workers need to understand that they'll be injured if they don't follow the correct safety standard procedure. So make sure they comply.

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