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Become more energy efficient ahead of the carbon tax introduction!

by , 26 February 2013
As speculation grows ahead of tomorrow's Budget Speech announcement, analysts are expecting Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to finally introduce the long-debated carbon tax. This will help make your business more energy efficient and meet its Occupational Health and Safety Act requirement of protecting the environment. Here's how you can meet your safety, health and environment responsibilities by becoming more energy efficient.

Tomorrow's finally the big day – Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will announce his Budget Speech.
Hopefully it'll include some finality on the mooted carbon tax, which will result in a change in the business sector's attitude, says the Mail & Guardian Online.
This change is crucial.
Because whether you're 'green' or not, your business is obliged to protect the environment as part of its safety, health and environment responsibilities.
And while people hoped last year's budget would launch the carbon tax, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delayed the announcement, saying it would happen this year instead.
The carbon tax is expected to be good for the country's industry as it will make it more resilient and efficient. 
Once the deductions are added, the carbon tax would work out to 3.6c per kilowatt-hour of electricity.
And this would replace the current levy of 3.5c that currently stands on non-renewable sources of electricity, explains the Mail & Guardian Online.
So you'll hardly notice the difference in price, and it will play an important step in addressing climate change.  
Here's how you can start offsetting your carbon emissions!
The easiest way to comply is to assess the carbon footprint of your company, office or home. 
Many of the JSE-listed firms are already working out their carbon emissions as part of a voluntary disclosure project.
You can work this out by accessing a free online carbon footprint calculator, which lets you factor in how much carbon emissions you offset by typing in the amount of electricity and fuel you use.
You can then use the Food and Trees for Africa calculator to work out how many trees you'll need to plant to offset your carbon emissions.

Make your company more energy efficient and benefit from a tax deduction!
You can also make a difference by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. They're slightly more expensive, but will save you up to 75% of your current lighting costs, as they last up to eight times longer than normal light bulbs, says FSP Business.
By becoming more energy-efficient, your company could also score a tax deduction.
So make a few small changes in your business today and you'll soon be working toward a more energy efficient future.

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Become more energy efficient ahead of the carbon tax introduction!
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