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BREAKING NEWS: Construction Health and Safety Consultants don't have to register with the SACPCMP by August 2015

by , 31 July 2015
Everyone in the health and safety industry has been up in arms for a year now after the announcement of the new Construction Regulations.

Controversy has reached its peak as the deadline for registering with the SACPCMP in August is fast-approaching.

But I've got some good news!

Sources at sheqafrica.com have confirmed that not all Health and Safety professionals need to register as everyone first thought.

Let's take a closer look at what this means for you...

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Who doesn't have to register with the SACPCMP

Construction Health and Safety consultants and health and safety file providers don't have to register with the SACPCMP.

If you aren't directly involved in the construction industry, don't manage construction sites, and don't represent any clients on construction sites, you don't have to register with the SACPCMP.

But how do the Construction Regulations apply to those who compile SHE files? Risk Assessors or Accident Investigators?
If you compile the SHE file in your company or as a third party

So if Construction Health and Safety Consultants are not required to register, how would this effect those who compile SHE files? Would the SHE files still be legal if compiled by an unregistered person?

In terms of compiling safety files, you would still be able to do it as long as you make sure the files are in accordance with the Construction Regulation requirements.

There is no requirement on who must compile the files, besides for that person being competent to do so.

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Where do you start?

And how on earth are you going to compile a SHE file by tomorrow morning?

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Read on and discover how this nifty little trick can drastically reduce the time you spend compiling your health and safety file.


In reference to Risk Assessors and Accident Investigators

You might be asking if non-registration applies to those involved with the critical details of health and safety management.

Risk Assessors and Incident Investigators don't need to be registered with the SACPCMP either. As long as the duties are fulfilled by a competent person in accordance with the Construction Regulations 2014, formal registration is not a legal requirement.

Who does have to register with the SACPCMP

The only health and safety professionals who must register with the SACPCMP are CHS Agents, CHS Managers, and CHS Officers.
Their duties are defined on the SACPCMP website. If you aren't sure how to register as a CHS Agent click here.

With less than a week to go, make sure you're complying with the Construction Regulation implementation in August. Get your complete Construction Regulations 2014 guide.

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BREAKING NEWS: Construction Health and Safety Consultants don't have to register with the SACPCMP by August 2015
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