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Can you afford to send 2 000 workers home? Know your Health and Safety duties to prevent an Amplats disaster

by , 23 July 2013
Did you know that OHSA recommends a R100 000 fine if you don't fulfill your Health and Safety obligations? As an employer, you're liable for your workers' safety. Amplats learnt that the hard way this week. They had to send home 2 000 workers because of poor safety practices and will probably face a hefty fine as well. Don't make the same mistake. Perform these nine Health and Safety duties so you can avoid a similar disaster...

Fin24 reports that a rockfall at the Amplats Bathopele mine halted work yesterday. Not only did they have to send 2 000 workers home, but the rockfall trapped two workers. Rescue operations are under way, but Amplats could have prevented this disaster with the right precautions.

You can avoid this kind of costly disaster! Simply fulfill your Health and Safety obligations as an employer.

Labour Law for Managers says each employer MUST do the following…

For Health and Safety compliance, you must…
  1. Provide safe machinery. You must maintain it too.
  2. Remove hazards on a higher level before getting protective gear for workers. For example, you must make an effort to ventilate a painting site before you resort giving your workers face masks.
  3. Make sure that the manufacture of hazardous substances is safe. Even if you don't make them yourself, make sure workers handle dangerous materials safely.
  4. Assess hazards. You must also apply safety measures when you find hazards. For example, if your workers use bladed machinery, make sure all blades have covers.
  5. Give workers all necessary safety training, information and supervision.
  6. Don't let workers work without safety equipment. It's pointless to have all these policies in place if you don't enforce them.
  7. Make sure all workers comply with the OHSA. This applies to sub-contractors too.
  8. Enforce the necessary health and safety measures. For example, you must discipline those who don't follow safety procedures.
  9. Make sure supervisors know exactly which precautions their workers must take.
By fulfilling your nine Health and Safety duties, you can rest assured that an Amplats type disaster won't haunt your business anytime soon.

Meet every health and safety  law requirements and avoid fines with your copy of the Health and Safety Advisor


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Can you afford to send 2 000 workers home? Know your Health and Safety duties to prevent an Amplats disaster
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