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Caution: Your employees are your company's biggest health and safety threat

by , 23 October 2014
If your employees don't comply with your health and safety rules, you'll still be the one who faces penalties.

It doesn't matter if you've done everything legally required to keep your employees and workplace safe.

Don't let your employees be your downfall!

Follow these five steps to get your employees to comply and uphold your health and safety compliance...


Make your employees to comply with your health and safety rules in just five steps 

Step 1: Involve your employees in discussions on health and safety issues. If your employees feel they have a say when it comes to your health and safety, they're more likely to follow the rules.
Step 2: Create a health and safety policy that outlines the health and safety rules you expect your employees to follow. Include the punishment for not complying with these rules.
Get all your employees to read and sign a copy of this policy so you can verify they're all aware of these rules.
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Step 3: Create an open door policy in your workplace and tell employees to speak to you if they have a problem with your health and safety procedures.
Step 4: Ensure your health and safety representative is doing his job in terms of conveying your employees' health and safety problems to you. 
Step 5: Hold regular toolbox talks on different safety issues with discussion sessions at the end. This will help you get to the bottom of why your employees don't want to comply with your rules.
These five simple steps will help you fix and enforce your health and safety rules. But remember, if your employees still refuse to comply, the only solution left is to discipline them.

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Caution: Your employees are your company's biggest health and safety threat
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