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Comply with the OHS Act in just ten steps

by , 14 October 2014
If you don't comply with the OHS Act completely and the DoL finds out, it will punish you. This isn't something you can take lightly as that punishment could send you to jail for two years.

Why would you take that risk when complying with the Act is so simple you can do it in just ten steps.

Read on to find out what these ten steps are...

Ten steps you must take to comply with the OHS Act

Step 1: Create a health and safety policy and plan. Your plan will outline how you'll implement health and safety in your workplace and your policy will detail your health and safety rules.
Step 2: Put your plan into action by appointing all the relevant people to the necessary health and safety positions. This must include your safety officer, health and safety representative and your first aiders.
Step 3: Do a risk assessment to identify risks in your workplace.
Step 4: Discuss the finding of your risk assessment with your health and safety committee and decide on what health and safety measures to put in place.
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Step 5: Put safety measures in place around dangerous equipment and machinery.
Step 6: Give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE).
Step 7: Give all of your employees health and safety training. Be sure to give the employees you appointed to health and safety positions specific training so they can fulfil their duties.
Step 8: Create a toolbox talk plan to continue your employees health and safety training.
Step 9: Implement effective health and safety housekeeping measures.
Step 10: Revaluate your health and safety programme regularly with risk assessment, health and safety inspections and internal audits.
Follow these ten steps and comply with the OHS Act with ease.

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Comply with the OHS Act in just ten steps
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