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Construction businesses take note: Four crucial health and safety requirements for demolition sites

by , 08 May 2013
In South Africa, the most common fatal incidents that occur during demolition work are scaffold collapses, collapses of newly-erected structures and excavation collapses. Don't let them happen to your employees. Read on to discover four health and safety measures you can take to reduce accidents during demolition work.

Did you know that incidents occurring during demolition work lead to fatality more often than those in any other area of construction work?

It's important you ensure your company complies with all the regulations governing demolition of buildings to minimise fatal incidents and protect your business from fines or, worse, closure.

Here are four demolition site requirements your company must comply with

  1. You must maintain the stability of parts of the structure you're retaining or haven't yet demolished by ensuring support structures are effective.
  2. If you can't avoid employees working at heights, provide working platforms that'll withstand the rigours of the work being performed. 'Design scaffolding and other support work to absorb the shock of falling debris or bumping by working machinery,' says the Health and Safety Advisor.
  3. Prevent falling from heights by providing guard rails, fall prevention and fall arrest systems and catch nets. Also prevent material or other objects from falling from heights by using kick plates and nets on scaffolds.
  4. Only remove rubble through chutes or using special crane slung buckets or cages. 'Don't throw or sweep it over the sides. This could lead to incidents where objects strike unsuspecting people walking by or near demolition activities,' warns the Advisor.

Complying with these requirements will help your company reduce accidents or worse fatalities during demolition work.

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Construction businesses take note: Four crucial health and safety requirements for demolition sites
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