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Construction regulation warning: Why the end of the month is your most important date of the year

by , 03 February 2014
If you're in the construction industry, pay attention to what happens on the 28th of February. That's when the Construction Regulations Amendment of 2014 is set to come into play. Here's what you can expected to change...

To date, there are dozens of regulations players in the construction industry need to adhere to if they want to stay on the right side of the law.

But that's all about to change…

And it's expected to happen as early as the end of THIS month.

What changes can you expect from the latest bout of construction regulation amendments?

Considering the fact that the construction regulations haven't changed in five years, experts are expecting HUGE changes in the industry.

Among this, masterbuilders.co.za expects these changes to include the following:

  • 'Clients to obtain a Construction Permit before construction work may commence if the works contract is of a value equal to or exceed R13 million or CIDB grading level 6.
  • Clients duties extended to include Baseline Risk Assessments and site specific OHS Specification.
  • Appointment of a Construction Manager with the duty of ensuring OHS compliance on site.
  • Medical Certificate of Fitness for all construction workers.
  • OHS Agents to be competent i.e. SACPCMP registered Pr CHA.
  • OHS Officers to be competent i.e. SACPCMP registered CHSO.'

And that means it's going to change the way you run your business substantially – especially when it comes to fulfilling your health and safety regulations.

So watch this space closely. We'll fill you in on what the changes are and how they'll affect you as soon as the 2014 amendments to the existing construction regulations are announced.

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Construction regulation warning: Why the end of the month is your most important date of the year
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