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Construction Regulations 2014 outlines four safety requirements you need to fulfill for material hoists

by , 17 March 2014
Construction Regulations 2014 recognises that work that requires material hoists is dangerous. It's for this reason that the regulations require you to adhere to the following four safety requirements if your employees use them

Construction Regulations 2014 requires you to do the following if your employees use material hoists

#1: If you're a contractor, Construction Regulations 2014 say you must ensure that every material hoist and its tower have been constructed in accordance with the generally accepted technical standards and are strong enough and free from defects.

#2: The South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors explains that, in terms of Construction Regulations 2014, you (the contractor) must ensure that the tower of every material hoist is:

  • Erected on firm foundations and secured to the structure or braced by steel wire guy ropes and extends to a distance above the highest landing to allow a clear and unobstructed space of at least 900mm for over travel;
  • Enclosed on all sides at the bottom and at all floors where persons are at risk of being struck by moving parts of the hoist.
  • Provided with a door or gate at least 2 100mm in height at each landing and that door or gate must be kept closed. The only exception is when the platform is at rest at such a landing.

Is your site compliant with the new Construction Regulations 2014?


That's not all these Construction Regulations say about material hoists

#3: You (the contractor) must ensure that every material hoist has an efficient brake capable of holding the platform with its maximum load in any position when power isn't being supplied to the hoisting machinery.

#4: Construction Regulations 2014 also require you to ensure that the hoisting rope of every material hoist with a remote winch is effectively protected from damage.

Now that you know the safety requirements for material hoists, make sure you comply with Construction Regulations 2014.

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Construction Regulations 2014 outlines four safety requirements you need to fulfill for material hoists
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