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Construction Regulations: Here's what you must do to manage and supervise construction work

by , 03 March 2014
Are you in the construction sector? If so, continue reading to find out what the new Construction Regulations require you to do when managing and supervising construction work.

Construction Regulations 2014 require you to do the following five things

Construction work is dangerous. It's for this reason that the Department of Labour has decided to introduce new changes to Construction Regulations. It wants to ensure your workers are safe.

To help you comply, the South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors outlines what you must do to manage and supervise construction work:

1: In terms of the new regulations, if you're a principal contractor, you must appoint in writing one full-time competent person as the construction manager.

Your construction manager has a duty of managing all the construction work on a single site. He must ensure occupational health and safety compliance.

#2: As a principal contractor, you're required to appoint one or more assistant construction managers for different sections. The regulations say you must do this 'provided that the designation of any such person doesn't relieve the construction manager of any personal accountability for failing in his or her management duties in terms of this regulation.'

#3: Construction Regulations 2014 say, a contractor must, after consultation with the client and having considered the size of the project, appoint a full-time or part-time construction health and safety officer in writing to assist in the control of all health and safety related aspects on the site.

Read on for the last two requirements...

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#4: A construction manager must appoint in writing construction supervisors. These supervisors are responsible for construction activities and they must ensure occupational health and safety compliance on the construction site.

#5: Contractors are required in terms of the regulations to appoint in writing one or more competent employees for different sections. This is to help the construction supervisor with his duties.

Now that you know what you must do to manage and supervise construction work, make sure you comply with Construction Regulations 2014.

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Construction Regulations: Here's what you must do to manage and supervise construction work
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