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Construction work: Eight duties your contractor must fulfill when he's on site

by , 25 May 2015
When we talk about construction work, we refer to any work that has to do with construction, erection, alteration, renovation, repair, demolition or dismantling of, or addition to a building or any similar structure.

It's important to know the contractor duties when they're on site, but you should also make sure you know what the construction work implies.

Thus, it also refers to construction, erection, maintenance, demolition or dismantling of any bridge, dam, canal, road, railway, runway, sewer or water reticulation system. As well as act that involve the moving of earth, clearing of land, the making of excavation, piling, or any similar civil engineering structure or type of work

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Is your construction site compliant with all of the newly amended construction regulations?

When the DoL comes to inspect every last detail of your site, will you be confident that everything from your scaffolding to your Health and Safety file is compliant with ALL  of it's regulations?

Now you can be!

Here's how to ensure the DoL never says you're site isn't compliant!


Here are the eight contractor responsibilities when they are on site:

1. To show and give you a suitable, well documented and clear, site specific health and safety plan. He must base it on your health and safety specifications. The contractor must apply the plan from the start of the project and during the construction work. He must review and update it as the work progresses.

2. The health and safety of their employees.

3. Developing a health and safety file. He must keep it on site. The health and safety file must include all the documents you need in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. This file must be available on request to an inspector, yourself, your agent or another contractor.

4. Registering with the Workmen's Compensation Commissioner. He must have a valid Certificate of Good Standing to prove he's done this.

5. Giving you his health and safety file when they finish the construction project.

6. Giving you or your agent a list of all the sub-contractors the principal contractor's responsible for.

7. Ensuring all his employees have a valid medical certificate of fitness specific to the construction work they do. An occupational health practitioner must issue this.

8. Reporting all incidents to the Department of Labour. He must also keep all records (Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act)

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Construction work: Eight duties your contractor must fulfill when he's on site
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