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Do all your staff know where the emergency exits are?

by , 18 June 2013
Two weeks ago I was having dinner at the Spur with my four year old son. All of a sudden we were asked to move our cars, as 'there's a small fire upstairs', and they were worried about our cars.

This started to cause a bit of panic. Then the manager announced 'please can everyone leave the restaurant, as there's a small fire and for our safety we should all leave the restaurant'.
Then there was an explosion!

What would you do if a fire broke out in your company?


Legal requirement: Protect your employees from fire hazards

If your business doesn't take the necessary precautions to protect your employees from fire emergencies, you'll be responsible for any injuries they sustain...

Discover how to reduce your employee's risk of injuries when it comes to fire emergencies...


What would you do if a fire broke out in your company?

People started panicking. The kids were outside in the play area, we were inside, 'what was that explosion?'

It was a stampede to get outside and find your child, and then we realised there's no way to get out of the play area, without going back into the burning building.

Total chaos!

People were climbing over fences and children were crying. The managers and staff were excellent, and no one was hurt, but it could have all gone horribly wrong.

It got me thinking - if a fire broke out at my company, would I know what to do? I don't know where our fire extinguisher is, or even the fire exit. Would all the staff run around like lost chickens?



You're legally required to protect your staff from fire hazards...

Did you know: Fire drills and evacuation plans must be implemented?

Discover what you need to do to keep your employees safe in case of fire emergencies...


To make 100% sure all of our staff would know what to do in a fire emergency, this week we trained everyone – it only took us 10 minutes and I used this handy tool to do it

Now I'm 100% confident that if a fire did break out, everyone would be calm, know exactly what to do and there wouldn't any fatalities.
Until next time,

Stay safe.

Rachel Patterson
Publisher FSP Business

P.S. In May 2013 alone there have been more than five fire incidents. Will you be able to get your staff out safely if it happened to you? Here's what you need to protect your employees if disaster strikes...


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